Tuesday, May 8, 2012

learning curve

So this food thing. I am going to have to learn to cook, like really cook -- with individual ingredients and not opening boxes. Essentially all mainstream processed food is out, even regular things like flour and salt. Did you know that tuna in water is really tuna in water, vegetable broth, and something else? Bacon (!!!), ham, and lunch meat are out. Chocolate is probably out. Cheddar cheese from the farmer's market seemed okay today, so that was a plus. And I still haven't had a bad reaction to my favorite frozen pizza as long as I don't eat the pepperoni. So I'm looking at fruits, vegetables, and meat. Not unhealthy.

So I tried making tortillas tonight. It should have been so simple. I went to our local organic health food store and found an $8 bag of wheat flour (not even joking) and then brought it home and proceeded to watch it dust my entire 6x6 kitchen as I attempted to unglue my fingers from the dough (it was so, so sticky) and Punkin sprinkled it from the bag to the counter. It was like seeing tiny white pennies being tossed out the window.

The recipe should have yielded eight tortillas. I got maybe four, and I set off the smoke detector. So here they are, in all of their bad cell phone photo glory. And yes I am aware that they resemble pancakes.

The recipe is 2 cups flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 tbsp oil. Kneed on floured surface. Break into 8 balls and roll each with a rolling pin. Cook in skillet with cooking spray or a little oil.

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Lorean Hartness said...

But did they taste good? That is the ultimate question. If they taste good, then it's a win.

fragilemom said...

My question exactly!