Monday, September 24, 2012

catch up

Just wanted to share a few things to catch everyone up. First, my son has decided to take all meals in his bed. Well, not dinner, I guess -- just breakfast and bedtime snack. This morning he asked me to cover him up while he watched Disney Junior on his iPad and ate chicken.

Second, (and this is really just because everyone needs a laugh today), I was straightening my hair the other morning when Punkin walked in, said "I poop, sorry," and plopped two turds in the toilet.

Third, he finally got a bike. He's so excited to be like the other kids in the neighborhood.  Now for the big question -- how did I make him remember how to pedal from one minute to the next? Anyone? Ideas? Magic pills? You got nothing? Me too. But he sure looks cute trying!

1 comment:

George said...

"I poop, sorry." *plop*
I love him.
Wanna lend him to me?

And he does look cute on his bike!