Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We found them like this. Apparently he buckled her in so that we could all go to Dunkin Donuts. And yes, not only did I take them, but I bought Annabelle her own chocolate sprinkles. They are a clever pair.


Janet said...

Do not give her chocolate; it's bad for dogs.

Jennie's mom, Lois said...

So cute! A few sprinkles won't hurt. Main-line chocolate like a candy bar is bad for most pets, even my bird. Looks as though your dog is of substantial size, so that also helps.

Love to you, Jennie's mom, Lois

P.S. I had always heard from my parents who raised Labs, that Chicken bones are worse for dogs...get caught. We had a Lab who ate a Hibiscus flower and had a seizure. SCARY!

Wombat Central said...

What a cute (and smart!) pair!

We used to have a yellow lab named Annabelle! :)