about us

My son  and I have fragile x syndrome, which is the leading inherited cause of mental impairment and the leading known genetic cause of autism. It is estimated that 1 in 250 women and 1 in 800 men are carriers of this gene. Only one parent needs to be a carrier in order to have an affected child.

I am a single mom. It's hard work, but being a mom is hard work in any case. I have a great support system.

Oh--the name of the blog. Well, in college I used to barge into my best friend's dorm room and literally "roar"  about life. One day she called me Lion. And I called her The Other Lion. Because she "roared" back. But then if I wrote her a note or addressed her, she was Lion and I was The Other Lion. Get it? So we're both "The Other Lion." Shut up, I don't care if you don't get it.

The Beginning

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